Rafa Alcántara

I have a passion for the startup world.
I love to create from scratch and help a team of developers to craft beautiful pieces of software.

About me

I've been writing software and managing devs for over twenty years.

KAIZEN is my philosophy and I try to live by its principles.

1% better everyday. That's all.

Working experience lastest 8 years

As CTO, I've had the luck to be part of the following startups:

A service about worldwide fundings and IT trends.
A complete platform to manage Padel competitions.
It was a platform to find, visit & rent online a house.
It was a global entertainment platform that connected people based on their interests.
Do you need help?
When I'm not with my stuff, I help some friends. Technical advising, architecture, design, performance, code reviews, team mentoring, rescue missions, etc.

Feel free to email me.
Side projects
MisLibrosPreferidos.com, I love to read, any kind of books. Most of them are about science, development, etc, but also thrillers. In this site, you can find your next book to read, discover new novel writers and read some reviews.
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